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Innovator Energy

Innovator Energy

Innovator Energy is a New York City-based carbon capture and storage company working on technology to separate CO2 from power plant flue gas.

Innovator Energy aims to increase the standard of living while decreasing resource consumption and pollution. Innovator Energy created technologies such as SolvCor, CO2 Evolution, RecovAm, and Abundess. SolvCor is the world's first liquid-phase-only refrigeration cycle. CO2 Evolution captures carbon dioxide. RecovAm requires 95 percent less energy than the best present ammonia abatement cycle technologies. Abundess is an energy storage system. Innovator Energy develops and demonstrates significant improvements to the technology.


SolvCor is one of Innovator Energy's technologies showing the refrigeration cycle. The idea is to efficiently cool without gases nor refrigerants. SolvCor has fewer moving parts, no compressor, and works up to 65% lower electricity consumption.

Compared to a regular vapor compression cycle, SolvCor has better features such as:

  • Only one heat exchanger required than two
  • Liquid-liquid phase transition
  • Concentration as a phase transition for temperature adjustment
  • SolvCor liquids as the working fluid

The working fluid for SolvCor is third-party independently validated, and non-volatile, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It is also 1.8 times the specific heat capacity of water. SolvCor applies to process cooling, building HVAC, and cold chain.

CO2 Evolution®

Innovator Energy’s patented technology, CO₂ Evolution®, is a fundamentally novel approach for capturing CO₂. CO₂ Evolution® captures more than 90% of CO₂ from power plant flue gas at $5-8 per metric ton (OPEX), allowing power plants to profitably separate and sell CO₂ without government subsidies, carbon taxes, or credits. CO₂ Evolution® is the first and only CO₂ capture technology powered by abundant low-temperature condenser water, enabling the technology to have no parasitic load to a power plant. The technology comprises only low-cost reagents. Installing the CO₂ Evolution® unit does not modify a power plant’s steam cycle.


Innovator Energy’s patented ammonia recovery technology, RecovAm™, comprises a fundamentally novel approach for recovering ammonia from gas and liquid phases, including ammonia-containing emissions and wastewater. RecovAm™ uses 95% less energy than the best present ammonia recovery technologies and is the first regenerable technology capable of recovering pure ammonia from ultra-low concentrations (less than 200 PPM).

RecovAm's commercial applications are:

  • Nitrogen fertilizer production plants
  • Metallurgical coke production
  • Ammonia-slip recovery from solvent-based CO₂ Capture Technologies
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Textile production


Abundess stands for Abundant Energy Storage System. It offers high round-trip efficiency, low cost, long duration, rapid dispatch, and dual purpose. It is also abundant, non-toxic, consists of marine-friendly materials, and expects to have an operational life greater than 50 years - making it economical and sustainable.

Innovator Energy's proprietary patented technology, Abundess, is a fundamentally new platform for electricity storage. Abundess stores electricity by displacing water with a low-density liquid in a closed system. Due to this elegant solution, it has a round trip efficiency greater than 80% and over 100 times the electricity storage potential of pumped hydro.



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