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The most holder-focused project known to DeFi offering lifelong profit-sharing, 0% round-trip tax, and record-breaking 10% reflections

Holdenomics is a decentralized finance project and ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The name Holdenomics refers to the project’s economic model, known as Holder’s Economics™, which shifts the dynamics of trading to be weighted in the favor of holders. With lifelong profit-sharing payments, a 0% round-trip tax, and 10% reflections, Holdenomics is the most holder-focused project known to decentralized finance.

As a project that grew organically, both from and for the community, Holdenomics fought to challenge the norm for how heavily a DeFi project could reward its holders. Holder's Economics™, as the name suggests, is an economic model that rewards holding over a period of time. In the case of Holdenomics, that period is 30 days.

While selling is allowed to occur at any time, it is those who hold for 30 days that will unlock a 0% round-trip tax — this means that all buys, all transfers, and all sells, are 100% free from all taxes. In addition to this, profits from the Holdenomics Incubator will be shared with those who have passed this 30-day period, and these payments will continue to be received throughout the entirety of the holding. Simultaneously, 10% reflections will be given out to all wallets, even throughout the duration of the initial 30-day countdown.

A typical tokenomics model is split into three components: a buy tax, transfer tax, and sell tax. For example, if a project has a 15% tax per transaction, this means that the tax will be applied a minimum of two times (15% for the buy, and 15% for the sell). Additionally, any transferring of tokens from one wallet to another could result in an additional 15% charge. This brings the total tax percentage to a minimum of 30% (buy + sell), and as much as 45% or higher, depending on the need to transfer tokens.

Holdenomics does away with transfer taxes entirely. Holdenomics wants holders to manage their funds as they see fit, whether it's balancing wallets, or sending tokens to a friend — and never be taxed for doing so.

The buy and sell taxes are what make up the foundation of the Holdenomics model. By shifting the buy tax over to the sell side, the round-trip tax is essentially backloaded — changing the format from 15% buy & 15% sell, to 0% buy & 30% sell. This reduces the buy tax to 0% across the board, meaning all buyers will receive 100% of the tokens purchased.

Additionally, backloading the round-trip tax allows for every investor to decide which sell tax they would like to receive. Loyal holders of Holdenomics will unlock a 0% sell tax after 30 days. Meanwhile, early sellers will pay the full round-trip amount, allowing those that hold to benefit from this 30% tax. In either scenario, reflections will be received by all parties, and will begin accumulating on day one.

Given the financial gain that comes from continuous profit-sharing, payments will be exclusive to holders who have passed the initial 30-day countdown. By structuring incubator payments in this manner, the total pool of profits does not get split among early sellers, and in turn will generate larger payment amounts for the loyal holders. Logistically, the dispersion process is very straightforward — holders receive airdrops directly to their wallets, in accordance with the size of their holding. Over time, payment amounts will continue to multiply from every new project that is added to the Holdenomics Incubator. Additionally, this passive income will be received indefinitely, throughout the entire lifespan of the holding.


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