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Hangar Technology

Hangar Technology

Hangar is building an automated ecosystem for drones to deliver data across industries.

Hangar is a Texas based technology company developing a platform for capturing visual insights with autonomous drones. The company develops software that allows a drone to navigate and inspect a location and capture insights with limited manual effort. The company calls itself a first "robotics-as-a-system data acquisition platform". The technology has been used to collect data for construction sites, safety verification, and disaster assessments like wildfires. Hangar partnered with VaporIO, a data-center startup to handle the massive influx of data from multiple autonomous drones run by the company.


Hangar is a platform for capturing automated location intelligence with autonomous drones. Autonomous drones are programmed with special missions to fly through specific flight paths to capture data from every angle to provide data for digital analysis. The drones capture 360-degree pictures, which is then analyzed through proprietary software to find objects of interest. Companies can then use this data to optimize their workflow, manage space, and prevent accidents from happening.

Hangar acquired Autoflight Logic company in 2016. Autoflight Logic’s app suite includes Autopilot, Autoframe, and Airspace. Autopilot, the company’s flagship software is a ground control station that provides autonomous and semi-autonomous flight modes for DJI drones, enabling drone owners to execute flight and camera control sequences that were previously too difficult or impossible to perform manually.

Hangar Autopilot is an iOS application which is capable of overtaking control of all DJI drone variants to get visual data for the Hangar platform. Hangar autonomously flies a DJI drone, captures the required aerial images, and allows for secure data transfer from the aircraft to Hangar cloud service for post-processing. As of July 2019, the application hasn’t been updated since August 2018.

The company also develops an iOS app called Hangar 360 aerial photography. The application is designed to work with DJI drones so the drone operators can use the app to take 360-degree aerial pictures. The free app autonomously flies the drone, captures the required aerial images, and uploads it to Hangar cloud for stitching. The app then gets a link back to video the 360-degree image to be viewed on desktop or mobile. The application uses DJI SDK to perform its actions and is compatible with Mavic, Spark, Phantom and Inspire variants of DJI drones.


Colin Guinn, James McAndrew, and Jeffrey DeCoux founded the company in 2016 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Jeffrey DeCoux was the company’s CEO until November 2018 when he was replaced by Scott Lumish.


November 15, 2016
Hangar acquires Autoflight Logic.

Hangar, the Austin, TX based technology company developing an autonomous data capture ecosystem for drones, today announced it acquired Autoflight Logic, the maker of the most popular 3rd party flight automation software for DJI drones


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