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Charles Batchelor, better known online as Grian (pronounced GREE-an; formerly Xelqua), is an English YouTuber who makes Minecraft building tutorials, plays Minecraft minigames and is a part of the popular Hermitcraft server. He is also known for his affiliation with the immensely popular Minecraft MMORPG, WynnCraft, which he helped create. On occasion, he also posts video blogs (vlogs), usually about his holiday trips and invitations to Minecraft conventions and occasionally plays other non-Minecraft games (such as "Who's Your Daddy?" and GangBeasts). He is also known for having participated in the Minecraft Evolution (or EVO) server for 51 episodes. Many of his videos involve collaborations with other Minecraft YouTubers and friends such as Taurtis, DomRao, NettyPlays and several Hermitcraft members such as Mumbo Jumbo and GoodTimesWithScar.

Grian's channel exploded quite quickly, and was one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube for a short period of time, after uploading the video, "5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House". Many of his tutorials focus on how to improve existing builds and often focus on how to improve building skills in specific areas, such as building pillars, towers, roofs, and of course, rustic houses, a subject which has become something of a running joke on the channel.


August 9, 1993
Grian was born in England.


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