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Gary Wang

Gary Wang

Gary Wang is the CTO and cofounder of FTX Trading Ltd cryptocurrency exchange.

Gary Wang is a cryptocurrency tech mogul and entrepreneur. He has cofounded several companies, including FTX Trading Ltd.

Background and career

Wang attended MIT where he studied mathematics and computer science. While obtaining his undergraduate degree, he participated in various technology projects, including coding his team's robot for MIT's Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory competition. He graduated in 2015 with his Bachelor's degree in math and computer science.

Wang went on to be a software engineer at Google where he formulated systems that were meant to aggregate prices for millions of flights. These systems decreased latency and memory usage by more than 50 percent.In 2019, he cofounded Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX Exchange and later cofounded FTX US, a sub-organization of the former company.Wang was listed as one of Forbes' World's Billionaires in 2022 and is estimated to have a net worth of almost $6,000,000,000.


April 2022
Gary Wang is listed as one of the world's youngest billionaires.


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