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Gamepedia brings you the best information, detailed reviews, ratings, and guides about play-to-earn blockchain games.

Gamepedia is a community-driven gaming guide that prioritizes UI/UX along with the social aspects of blockchain gaming. It is a gamified hub that aims to bring the scattered blockchain gaming ecosystems and communities together. Listings will be covering projects from all of the major smart chains. Gamepedia will work together with the rest of our products to contribute to an environment where users can discover, play, invest and earn in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

This area will be designed specifically for gamers where they can:

Phase 1

- Read detailed articles and analyses.

- Follow peer reviews and comments imputed by the community.

- Access games and project websites.

- Access shortcuts to Spindex and Guild Maker if they are featured

Phase 2

- Use their minted personas to easily navigate the blockchain gaming ecosystem with trailers and screenshots of games.

- Earn rewards for their contribution.

- Browse and Sorting

- Games can be browsed and sorted for their:

- Genres

- Development statuses

- Smart chains

- Ratings

- Market cap

- Token price


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