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Glowtoken is BSCtoken where you can choose your own BSCToken reward but also comes with many upcoming usecases.

We are fully Doxxed Team who is committed to the community for a entire new level of transparency and security. We have a live video chat that runs 24/7 for our community to come in and ask questions or to just hang around and chat. We have a amazing rewards system that pays our holders 10% of all buy and sale transaction in BUSD reflections, a $10,000 BUSD lottery, and we have a vote monthly for a charity to donate to.

Glow Token LLC

GLOW represents the illumination of the crypto decentralized finance

(DeFi) space through education and charity.

The guiding principles of

GLOW are: Unity, Clarity, and Security. We are committed to excellence and full transparency, in the way we run our business. Ensuring we build value, transparency, that forges a bright future for our company and investors.


10% Dividends in the BSC token of your choice

$10K Lottery to qualifying holders with $50 worth of GLOW

Giving Back

Charitable donations to support community and global causes

Partnerships with projects and organizations to promote worthy causes.

Security & Growth

Expansion to additional exchanges to continue growth

Periodic token burn mechanism determined by community vote

Utility development in gaming and DApp payment applications

We drive investment security through transparent engagement and communication with our investors. We remain focused on building value and

driving growth for our entire investors community.



15% total taxes

10% Reflections of choice

1% Lottery

1% Charity

1% liquidity

2% Marketing

Token circulation breakdown

55% burned

6% official team

39% circulating supply


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Is GLOW TOKEN a scam? Checking GLOW Coin for Fraud

December 11, 2021

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