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100% working recipes for popular questions. Videos, articles and answers to questions about how to lose weight without diets, remove your stomach or sides, or pump up at home.

The creator of the FreshLife28 channel, which was created on YouTube, is called Anton Olegovich Petryakov (known online as Bazili0). Until the age of 38, Anton led, to put it mildly, a very unsportsmanlike lifestyle. (Master of Sports in Literball).

At one fine moment, he decided to change everything, “sat down to textbooks” and already on September 14, 2011, he bought a subscription to a fitness center. By that time, he had already quit drinking for several years, and having dealt with nutrition, he had lost a lot of weight.

Like any person with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, he constantly answered questions - tell us how, what, where, how could you do that? He answered everyone, hoping that I could somehow help people.

However, as time went on, those who wanted to learn the “secrets of transformation” were increasing, and Anton realized that I could no longer cope with the time. So the idea was born to run my own video channel - FreshLife28 and this blog. The information here differs from hundreds of blogs in that it is for busy people like himself. For businessmen, students, housewives, managers - in a word, for those who are not ready to make bodybuilding a matter of life, but want to have a beautiful body.

Time has passed and we can safely say that the project was a success. Every day Anton receives messages with gratitude, reads comments on the channel. Someone lost 10 kg, someone already lost 70 kg. Many could not imagine that it was easy. The account already goes to thousands of people, and soon it will go to tens and hundreds of thousands - which means that the work is not in vain! You yourself can go to the channel and read these live emotions - comments are open on the channel.

So, Anton (Bazili0) is the only specialist in “starting a new life on Monday”. And the author of everything that is posted. All materials are written or filmed by Anton personally and completely copyrighted. According to Anton Petryakov, he will continue to maintain his video blog and do it completely free of charge.

However, time passed and you couldn’t hide the sewing in a bag, and more and more people began to turn to Anton who needed a faster result. For those who are very busy to watch all the videos, but see the results of Anton's acquaintances, the effectiveness of his recommendations was at first a personal accompaniment service. However, time passed and now Anton could no longer help everyone and personal support was replaced by TRAINING COURSES.

In short, Anton's concept of changing himself is as follows:

Life is to be enjoyed. Why else would she? Therefore, Anton is an ardent opponent of diets and torturing himself with hunger. It is wild for Anton to deprive himself of pleasure. He considers it idiocy to forbid everything to himself and to hold on to willpower. Anton for the introduction of forced castration for the sale of "magic" products for weight loss and pumping (humor).

There are no restrictions on age and gender to change yourself. This can be done by those who are over 50 and 20 years old. Join us - and together we will make all the dreams of changing ourselves into a real reality come true. So, as many subscribers of the FreshLife28 channel have already done.


November 9, 2021
Первый слой защитного кокона

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