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Feeder Cells

Feeder Cells

Feeder cells are a layer of cells that are unable to divide which provide secretions such as that help another cell cultured with them to proliferate.

Feeder cells are usually adherent growth-arrested cells that are viable and bioactive and serve as a substratum, secreting factors into the medium or on their surface, on which other cells are grown. Feeder layer cells are treated with irradiation or other treatments such as mitomycin-C that cause them to cease proliferating. Some cells require contact with feeder cells, while others can be grown in feeder-free conditions.

Mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) are commonly used as a feeder layer for stem cell culture. Feeder layers of human origin include human foreskin fibroblasts, human dermal fibroblasts and amniotic mesenchymal.


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