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Project aims to solve the climate change problem using blockchain technology

Project of the Swiss company TRES Group GmbH, which aims to mass plant trees around the world for the benefit of increasing carbon dioxide absorption using blockchain technology. FOSTER takes control of all processes, from the purchase of land, its preparation for tree planting to certification and the trading of CO2 credits on international sites.

There will be three main elements in the FOSTER ecosystem:

  1. Main token – FOSTER. The total supply of tokens. 20% – 1.600.000.000 FOSTER is allocated for sale. This is a utility token of the company and is aimed at its development, purchase of land, marketing, advertising, development, tokenization, and listing on exchanges, as well as other important components for the successful implementation of the FOSTER project.
  2. The TREE token is a utility token of the company, intended for planting, cultivating, and caring for the tree. 1 TREE = 1 tree. This token will be available for purchase exclusively on the FOSTER portal. After statistical calculations, registration of the company, purchase of land, and data generation, the price for 1 TREE token will be determined and declared, which will be formed based on the following components: 50% – purchase of new land, planting, care for 7 years, salaries of service personnel, and taxes. 30% – partner program. 20% – quarterly profit from the sale of TREE tokens, intended for all FOSTER token holders.
  3. O2PLUS are utility tokens that do not have a limited issue. The issue of these tokens will be based on the issued international certificates for CO2 Credits generated By Foster reforestation activities. These certificates will be tokenized and placed on exchanges in the form of O2PLUS tokens. Income from the sale of O2PLUS tokens will be distributed to all TREE token holders.


August 2021
Finalization of 1300 hectares land to begin ‘Foster’ project in Colombia.
June 2021
Secured first round of investment ($405,000).
March 2021
Inception of the ‘Foster’ project.

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