Envato (formerly Eden) operates a group of digital marketplaces that sell creative assets for web designers, including themes, graphics, video, audio, photography and 3D models.

Envato has over 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and over 8 million community members, along with over 5 million items for sale. Its highest-trafficked marketplace, ThemeForest, was the 580th most visited site in the world according to Alexa in August 2018. Envato was founded in 2006 by Collis Ta'eed, Cyan Claire, and Jun Rung. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


Collis Ta'eed, Cyan Ta'eed and Jun Rung founded Envato in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. The company employed over 250 people in 2016, many of whom work from Envato’s head office in Melbourne, Australia.

In October 2010, Envato had reached over $1 million in revenue without taking VC funding.

FlashDen launched in 2006. In 2007 Collis Ta'eed's brother, Vahid Ta'eed, joined Envato as the fourth owner. Envato also launched Psdtuts+, a Photoshop tutorial website, and FreelanceSwitch, a blog about freelancing. In 2008 the company launched ThemeForest, a web templates and themes marketplace, and AudioJungle, a marketplace for stock music and audio. In 2009 the company launched VideoHive, a marketplace for motion graphics, stock footage and video files, and GraphicRiver, a marketplace for stock graphics. The company also launched CodeCanyon in 2010, a marketplace for scripts and plugins. It launched PhotoDune, a stock photography marketplace, and 3dOcean, a 3D models and accessories marketplace, in 2011.

Since the launch of Psdtuts+ in 2007, Tuts+ has expanded to offer approximately 18,000 free tutorials on graphic design, web design, illustration, code, music, audio, video, photography, 3D, motion graphics, game development, computer skills, crafts, DIY and business. In 2011 it added a monthly membership service which grants access to a library of video courses and technical eBooks.Envato launched Microlancer in 2013, a freelance services marketplace where buyers can purchase fixed-price services like logo design, illustration and WordPress customization. The product rebranded to Envato Studio in 2014.

Envato Market

Envato Market offers digital assets for use in creative projects, with over 8 million digital products from a global community of over 6 million designers, developers, photographers, illustrators and video producers, operating across eight marketplaces in 200 countries


ThemeForest has themes and templates for websites on multiple platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. In August 2014 it was listed in the top 100 of most visited sites in the world by Alexa, the Amazon-owned web analytics firm. In December 2014, the top selling theme Avada reached 100,000 sales,


CodeCanyon has plugins, scripts, and code for platforms and operating systems like WordPress, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, iOS, Android. VideoHive has stock footage, motion graphics, After Effects and Apple Motion templates that assist with video production. AudioJungle has music and sound effects for projects like film, games, trailers, promotions, and podcasts. GraphicRiver has illustrations, icons, and templates for flyers, resumes, banners and presentations. PhotoDune has stock photos and images, with categories such as tech, business, food, travel, and fitness. 3DOcean has 3D models, textures, base meshes, and plugins to enhance games and animations.

On 21 September 2015, Envato announced the closure of ActiveDen, its first online marketplace (formerly FlashDen)

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ offers online courses and tutorials on web development, design, illustration, photography, video, music and other digital courses. It has served over 250 million students since launch.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is an online marketplace for digital services. It launched in April 2013 as Microlancer before becoming Envato Studio in April 2014. Services include logo design, business and online marketing, WordPress, design and graphics, video and animation, eCommerce and CMS development, mobile and apps, and websites and programming. Freelancers set upfront pricing, scope and turnaround time for the services they offer.

Envato Sites

In November 2015 Envato launched Envato Sites in beta, a website builder that uses themes from Envato Market creators with an industry minimum subscription fee and also the ability to create a site without paying anything until the user chooses to make the site live.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription based market that allows agencies, designers, and professionals to easily acquire tools for their work such as Fonts, Graphics, Web and CMS Templates and more. Envato Elements was first mentioned on November 4, 2015 on a forum thread with the name "A New Opportunity for GraphicRiver authors". On December 23 of the same year, Envato launched a landing page for Envato Elements.

Envato Hosted

Envato Hosted is a monthly or yearly subscription service which allows users to choose a specific theme "look", where look is basically the industry's theme or department such as a Restaurant Theme instead of a Hospitality or Musician Themes instead of Art Themes. That allows users with low to no experience get a highly optimized theme based on their business. Envato Hosted is also an all in one package that offers WordPress Managed Hosting, Domain Purchase, Hosting Support, Hosting Migration (if prior hosting existed), Theme Installation, Full Automated Backup Support and 10% Discount at the services a user can acquire from Envato Studio.

Envato Hosted was first introduced in November 2016 with a small number of themes participating the first launch but has since grown and by June 2, 2017 Envato Hosted launched their new categorization system where more than 30 premium WordPress theme authors participate.

Envato Elements was given the nickname Netflix for Designers due to the fact that offers unlimited assets to designers with a subscription and also on a mission to stop unfair compensation to designers.

Culture and awards

Employer review website JobAdvisor named Envato "Australia's Coolest Tech Company" in 2014. The company was ranked 12th in the BRW Best Places to Work 2015 Study, and 17th in the "Great Places to Work" Awards in Australia in 2016.

Envato has made several high-profile financial contributions to both open and closed source software projects, including Glotpress, Ghost, Macaw, Rails.app, Pressgram, and Aesop.

Envato was the first Australian startup to publicly release its gender diversity figures for technical roles. In November 2015 Envato was named the "Coolest Company for Women" by careers website JobAdvisor.




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