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Elizaveta Ivantsiv

Elizaveta Ivantsiv

This is a Russian singer.

Elizaveta Valdemarovna Ivantsiv (Ukrainian: Elizaveta Valdemarivna Ivantsiv; born July 2, 1982, Uzhgorod), better known as Yolka, is a Ukrainian and Russian pop singer.

She began her musical career as a member of the Uzhgorod band B&B. In 2004, she signed a contract with Vlad Valov and released her successful debut album City of Deception, with the hits Girl in Peugeot and Good Mood. Subsequently, in collaboration with Valov, two more albums were released: "Shadows" and "This Magnificent World", which were not as successful as the debut work of the performer.

From 2010 to 2012, she acted as a judge on the Ukrainian TV show "X-Factor". In 2011, she gained great popularity with the song "Provence" and became a nominee in three categories for the Muz-TV awards in 2011. The fourth studio work of the singer "The Dots Are Set" was a success both among music journalists and the public. The album received positive reviews from critics, who considered it the best pop album of 2011. Magazines such as Afisha, Time Out and Interview have included the record in their editorial lists of the main albums of the year. "The Points Are Set" also topped the Russian album sales rating "2M. Russia Top-25". At the end of 2012, Yolka was recognized as the most rotated performer on Russian radio stations.

Eight-time winner of the Russian music award "Golden Gramophone" of the radio station "Russian Radio" (for the songs "Handsome Boy", "Near You", "Fly, Lisa", "I Warm Happiness", "The World Opens", twice for the song "Provence" and "It's easy for me") and nominee for the Russia Music Awards of the MTV channel. In 2011, she was recognized as the "Singer of the Year" according to Glamor magazine and entered the top three most successful figures in Ukrainian show business, according to the Focus edition. In the same year, she was recognized as the “Singer of the Year” at the Russian annual award in the field of popular music according to the results of the “Soundtrack” hit parade of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. In 2020, as part of the Top Hit Music Awards, she received the title of "Artist of the Decade", as the statistical music service TopHit found that "over the past 10 years, her songs have been played on the air of various radio stations about 19 million times".


July 2, 1982
Elizaveta Ivantsiv was born in Uzhgorod.


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