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Dot Arcade

Dot Arcade

Dot Arcade NFT Game

DotArcade is the first game mix between Arcade and Moba game genre. Join a multitude of player worldwide and have an opportunity to play to earn NFTs individually or with your clan.

Battle: Each battle in DotArcade looks like simple battle in Age of Empires.

Age: Bronze Age, Silver Age, Golden Age, Diamond Age

Clan: You can join one or many clans. You could be a head of clan or a member.

Event: There are many events every days or weeks. You can get so many gifts by join event and complete your missions.

Tournament: Players could join many tournaments. Competition and winning to get NFTs or Token.

Players will earn tokens (“ADTs”) through completing the in-game quests, doing activities for their clans and, most attractively, by taking ADTs from friends or opponents when playing against them in the real-time battles. By owning ADTs, players can increase their strength and also take part in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit. As a gamefi, DotArcade has basic tasks including trading NFT items, staking, lending and borrowing so that players can earn a steady income while enjoying our game. As you can see, DotArcade has created various ways for players to earn incomes. Our slogan is “winners play to earn, losers play to collect”."


February 1, 2022

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