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Republic of Dijibouti, East Africa


The Republic of Dijbouti, is a small country located on the North East coast of Africa, commonly referred as a region called, The Horn of Africa. It is a former French colony. The majority of the country identifies with Islam. Dijibouti was once part of greater Ethiopia at one point, but has since broken free and realised independence.


Dijibouti has approximately 1m inhabitants (846,000 in 2016) and continues to suffer from very high birth rates, resulting in a rapidly growing population. Djibouti is a key transit point for migrants, primarily muslims, heading towards the Gulf States and Europe. Each year some hundred thousand people, mainly Ethiopians and some Somalis, take the arduous journey through Djibouti, usually to the port of Obock, to attempt a dangerous sea crossing to Yemen.


The net GDP in 2017 is estimated as approximately billion, a significant increase from 2006, boasted by its location between the gulf states and Africa.

Land mass

Total landmass is 23,200 square kiliometres, according to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).


There is no conscription and individuals can join the military at age 18 onwards. Most military and defence hardware have been estimated as over 20 years old, and are not likely to be able to withstand an assault from another power, especially from a country with a modern military machine, in the event of a conflict arising. Its strategic importance, however, and regional rivalries have prevented any of the neighbouring countries laying claim to the territory.


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