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Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry is a San Francisco-based company focusing on lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond Foundry is a San Francisco, California-based lab-grown diamond producer founded by MIT, Stanford and Princeton engineers in 2012. The primary founder and current CEO is Martin Roscheisen, who also founded Nansolar, eGroups, TradingDynamics, and FindLaw.

Diamond Foundry was certified as a carbon-neutral company by Natural Capital Partners. The lab-grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The company starts with a sliver of an earth-minded diamond. The seed diamond is then heated to temperatures as hot as the outer layer of the sun. Layers of identical crystal atoms stack on top of the diamond and grow up to nine carats in two weeks of uninterrupted time in the reactor.

In 2016, Diamond Foundry received funding from Leonardo DiCaprio and twelve billionaires, including founders and founding investors from Google, Twitter, SUN, eBay, Suntech, and Facebook. In total, Diamond Foundry had raised about $100 million. In 2017, a MegaCarat foundry was developed in Wenatchee, Washington State.

In 2017, Diamond Foundry purchased Vrai & Oro, an LA-based fine jewelry label, and opened a retail location in downtown LA at the ROW DLTA shopping center. The store sells all three of Vrai & Oro's collections featuring Diamond Foundry diamonds. The three collections include Essentials, Vow, and Black.


October 1, 2018
Diamond Foundry raises a $100,000,000 series B round.
Diamond Foundry receives funding from Leonardo DiCaprio and 12 other billionaires.
Diamond Foundry is named one of Business Insider's 21 Most Innovative Tech Startups.
Diamond Foundry is named one of Business Insider's 25 Best Startups.
Diamond Foundry is incorporated in San Francisco, California.
Diamond Foundry was founded.

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