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Denis Alexandrovich (Jigan)

Denis Alexandrovich (Jigan)

Ukrainian and Russian rap artist.


Dzhigan (real name - Denis Alexandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein) is a popular hip-hop artist, a father with many children and just a man who is sure that there is no limit to perfection, and according to his wife, he is also a romantic.

Childhood and youth

Rapper Dzhigan was born in August 1985 in Odessa in the family of a sailor under the zodiac sign Leo. Despite his mother's Jewish surname, he considers himself a pure-blooded Ukrainian by nationality. Since his father was often abroad, he brought his son CDs with music as gifts. The boy listened to them with ecstasy, singing along to the idols.

As a child, Denis accidentally recorded his voice. He liked the result, and he began to regularly record his own performance to music. Since that time, the boy dreamed of singing and composing songs, but for a long time he could not decide on the genre - he was rushing between rock and rap.

Dzhigan as a child

Denis wrote his first song in the 9th grade, and the presentation of the track took place in the assembly hall in front of the school graduates. Soon it seemed to him that such a scene was not enough, and he decided to hold hip-hop events. The idea to try himself as a DJ came because Dzhigan had an impressive audio collection, in which there were about 500 audio cassettes and 2000 discs. Soon the parties he organized became popular, and famous MC began to show a burning interest in him.

This is where Denis needed the stage name Dzhigan, or GeeGun. He shaved his head to better match the image of a classic rapper. Since then, the musician has not grown his hair anymore.

Black Star

In 2005, Djigan invited DJ DLEE, who was the official DJ of rapper Timati, to perform at his party. Colleagues met at various festivals and other events of the Russian rap industry. The result of the artists' communication was a joint song: Bogdan Titomir, Timati and Dzhigan released the track "Dirty sh *** and", which gained great popularity among users.

In 2007, at the invitation of the CEO of Black Star Inc. Pavel Kuryanov Dzhigan moved from Odessa to Moscow and became an artist of the label. As part of the company, his first work was the song "Classmate", which he performed together with Timati. Great success did not have to wait long: in 2009, Dzhigan and Anna Sedokova gave music lovers the hit "Cold Heart". The track became the leader in sales overnight.

Dzhigan in his youth

The year 2011 turned out to be especially rich in pleasant events and victories for Dzhigan. The song "Let Go", recorded together with singer Yulia Savicheva, became the leader in the number of downloads on the day of the presentation, overtaking the releases of both Russian and foreign artists. The track turned out to be an absolute hit and for a long time topped the charts of HIT FM, DFM and Russian Radio. The clip for this song got into the "hot rotation" of leading TV channels, and the song itself brought the duo prestigious awards "Song of the Year" and "Golden Gramophone".

In September 2011, the premiere of the track "You are near" by Dzhigan and Jeanne Friske took place, which strengthened the reputation of the rapper. The presentation of the clip took place at a joint autograph session of artists in Moscow, over a thousand people came to the meeting.

The beginning of 2012 was marked by the joint work of Dzhigan, singer Vika Krutoy and the band "Disco Accident", the company recorded the track and video "Carnival". The song was a resounding success.

Solo career

Dzhigan's first solo work was the song "We are no more", the video for which appeared in April 2012. All these compositions were included in the debut album "Cold Heart", on which the artist worked for 3 years.

Decl and Jigan without a beard

Dzhigan's creative biography took a sharp turn in December 2013: the performer announced his departure from Black Star Inc. and decided to go on an independent voyage. The singer provided proof already in February 2014: the premiere of his video clip "Need to pump up" for a new song took place. The single turned into a kind of anthem to a healthy lifestyle, the best athletes of European and Russian bodybuilding starred in the video.

After starting his career outside of Black Star Inc., the rapper's fans received another present - the song "Take Care of Love", performed in the genres of rhythm and blues and soul. Djigan sang it with Loya. This song was included in the new album "Music. Life".

In 2014, at the Muz-TV Award. Evolution" Dzhigan was recognized as the best hip-hop project of the year and received the coveted plate. And on June 9, he became the winner of the Fashion People Awards (R&B-Fashion).

The second joint work of Dzhigan and Yulia Savicheva "There is nothing more to love" was named a hit even before the premiere of the composition. The song was broadcast live on Europa Plus, Love Radio and DFM radio stations, and also took the first place on iTunes. A clip of her was played on the airwaves of TV channels in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.

Dzhigan, Egor Creed and Timati

In the spring of 2015, Dzhigan presented his third album, released under the title "Your Choice", which includes the already hit songs "There is nothing more to Love" and "Time to lose weight". On the set of the video for the composition about weight loss, the artist, who has a sporty physique, played the well-fed leader of a gangster group.

This year turned out to be generous with awards. At the Muz-TV award in Astana, which took place in early summer, Dzhigan was recognized as the best hip-hop artist of the year. And at the end of the year, at the Russian Radio Golden Gramophone Award, the rapper was awarded the main prize and a diploma for the hit "Me and You". In the video of the same name, the singer, at the request of fans, involved his wife and then only two daughters, based on footage of a family vacation in Spain.

In October 2015, Dzhigan presented a song called "Rain", which was recorded together with the famous singer Maxim.

Dzhigan did not leave his huge army of fans without pleasant gifts in 2016. Together with Stas Mikhailov, he recorded a duet track and a video for the song "Love is anesthesia". The composition instantly took the leading places in many charts.

Dzhigan — "Days and Nights"

The song was not included in the subsequent album "Jig". Instead, the disc contains collaborations with Basta ("Until the Last Breath"), Misha Krupin ("Earth"), Elvira T ("Bad"), Jah Khalib ("Melody"). Clips were shot for the tracks "Bentley", "Ready for Anything". To participate in the filming of the video for the last one, the performer Basil had to interrupt the celebration of his own birthday and go to Bali.

In the video for "Melody", the role of the main character was played by the winner of the show "Dancing" Maxim Nesterovich, in "Must Shine", Dzhigan's wife Oksana Samoilova and colleagues Smokey Mo and Ligalayz lit up. Together with Sasha Zhemchugova, Maxim Fadeev's ward, the rapper recorded the song "Fly Away", which was included in the debut album of the aspiring singer.

The presentation of the fifth "studio album" "Days and Nights" took place in June 2017. The track list includes a duet with Ani Lorak "Embrace" and a song dedicated to daughters. The author remained true to himself, successfully combining rap with dance motifs.

The song "Catch Me", which was not included in the album, was released in October as a separate single. The director of the video "Days and Nights" Danila Volkov shot a clip where Dzhigan himself is absent. Instead of the performer, a man walks through the streets of the city with a kind of TV on his head, broadcasting the image of the rapper.

Dzhigan — "We are young"

After the release of the hit "I will drown in your eyes", the artist was accused of plagiarism: the composition turned out to be suspiciously similar to the song "Ice Melts" by the Ukrainian collective "Mushrooms". In response, Dzhigan explained that it was just a coincidence and in general his song was released before the "original".

The song and video "We are Young" is a gift from the artist to himself for his birthday. Dance motifs are still traced in the musical component, and the video series demonstrates elements of luxury. On Instagram, Dzhigan wished listeners to "get high, dance and enjoy life."

The artist once again became the director of the video, and the clipmaker Denis Simonenko, who is known in the professional environment under the name Danny Kekspro, helped him. The creative tandem has already worked on the clip "Everything will be fine", as well as on the video for the song "DNA", which Dzhigan performed with Artem Kachar. "DNA", by the way, has been assigned an age restriction of 18+ due to profanity. Nevertheless, the Apple Music service included the song in the top ten most listened to in 2018.

Jigan and Basta

Before the 3rd Major League Award ceremony, Dzhigan, together with Vadim Galygin, tried themselves as street touts, inviting guests to shoot. For the New Year 2019, Dzhigan presented fans with a gift in the form of a duet with Grigory Leps. The rapper himself took over the production of the song "Next Morning". This was followed by performances of the artist in three cities on the Big Love Show, organized by "Love Radio".

At the end of 2019, Djigan posted a new track "Oxygen", recorded together with the artist Bahh Tee. He also presented a joint song with the duo Artik & Asti "There are no such things" and shot a touching clip on it, the basis for which were family photos of performers.

Treatment for drug addiction

At the end of February 2020, fans began to notice something amiss in the singer's behavior. Dzhigan began posting strange stories on Instagram, conducting live broadcasts drunk, using obscene language. Under the video from the trip to Israel , he wrote: "I'm done."

The rapper honestly explained the situation in another live broadcast, and he appeared in front of subscribers with a shaved beard and eyebrows. Dzhigan explained that he was undergoing rehabilitation in a mental hospital to overcome drug addiction. Fans figured out that he was at the Seaside Palm Beach Clinic in Miami. Part of the audience immediately began to wonder where he got the money for expensive treatment (a month of stay in the clinic costs $ 80 thousand), others were interested in whether the rapper would now be able to continue filming the new season of the show "Improvisation".


August 2, 1986
Denis Alexandrovich was born in Odessa.


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