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David Mack

David Mack

Senior investigator at the University of Washington and Clean Research

Dr. David Mack is a classically trained geneticist with expertise in developmental and stem cell biology. During his postdoctoral fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, he studied how the stem cell microenvironment controls cell fate during mammary gland development. His recent contributions to the field of regenerative medicine center on the interplay between a cell's genetic program and the stem cell niche during lineage commitment.

Dr. Mack's research interests involve cellular reprogramming and lineage choice signaling during stem cell differentiation and their utility in the study of disease etiology and drug screening. His work in Rehabilitation Medicine focuses on developing disease-in-a-dish models to improve molecular therapies for the degenerative neuromuscular diseases that our clinicians treat every day.

Mack is affiliated with alternative proteins research company Clean Research.



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