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A cryptocurrency made to replace fiat currencies based on directed acyclic graph technology.

Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency developed by Dagcoin OÜ and associated with DAG Corporation Limited. Dagcoin OÜ is registered in Tartu, Estonia, while DAG Corporation Limited is registered in Hong Kong. Both companies are founded by Nils Grossberg , although he is now serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in DAG Corporation Limited. Kriss Ress is involved in both companies as well, as Chief Visionary Officer in Dagcoin OÜ and a co-founder of DAG Corporation Limited. Nils Grossberg has previously worked with OneCoin, a European cryptocurrency firm that has been formally charged for pyramid scheme practices in multiple countries .

Dagcoin is meant for use both for daily transactions as well as business-related ones. Dagcoin OÜ has a particular interest in providing Dagcoin as a transaction method in developing countries. As of August 2019, Dagcoin is not yet registered as an actively traded digital currency, nor is it available for purchase outside of their ecosystem .


The use, purchase, and sales of Dagcoin is done through several touchpoints: DagWallet, SwipeX, Dagpay, MerchantFinder, and Dagcommunity. Dagpay is utilized by merchants to accept payment in Dagcoins, while DagWallet is a platform intended to purchase Dagcoins through a desktop software or mobile application. MerchantFinder functions as an information database on businesses accepting Dagcoins as a payment method – and as of August 2019, there are 697 merchants that do, operating in countries such as Mexico, Estonia, Russia, and Colombia.

SwipeX is a platform for cryptocurrency trading, where Dagcoins can be purchased. Dagcommunity is a platform for individuals to purchase Dagcoins locally from individuals who sell them. Additionally, under DAG Corporation Limited, the company operates a multilevel marketing program named Success Factory – previously known as DAG University – which focuses on the sale of Dagcoins through the purchase of their education program packages.


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