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CyberQ Group

CyberQ Group

Established in 2016, CyberQ Group’s international team of cyber experts and business professionals have decades of combined experience within the cyber and technology sectors.


Established in 2016, CyberQ Group’s international team of cyber experts and business professionals have decades of combined experience within the cyber and technology sectors.

We believe even the most daunting challenges can be overcome through collaboration, innovative technology and great people. Bringing together the best of all these components, we keep your business better protected 24/7, 365 days of the year. The result? Improved business risk profile, significant operational cost savings and long-term peace of mind.

Quality Assured

Since being elected to participate in the world-leading 2016 Cyber London Accelerator programme Cylon, we have enjoyed significant growth and commercial success.

We are proud to be CREST certified for Penetration Testing and certified to ISO 27001 standards to ensure our partners continue to protect their businesses and reputation in complete confidence. We will always do our very best to improve our services globally.

Award Winning Cyber Innovator

Cyber attacks are increasing year on year, yet organisations keep using the same tools with ‘extra’ functionality in the hope this will protect them. As a UK award-winning artificial intelligence and automated cyber security services organisation, we will make your business resilient.

We are fortunate to work with key innovators in this space to offer you some of the most rigorous and advanced cyber security services on the global market.

We are proud to have been recognised for a number of awards as cyber innovators.

Your Cyber Security Partner

CyberQ Group brings together expert capabilities, experience and technical knowledge to deliver bespoke cyber solutions to board level priorities. We work closely with your business to:

  • Get to know your business, how it works and what your needs are.
  • Provide expert security advice and guidance.
  • Offer tailored services that meet your specific requirements.
  • Address security risks quickly and effectively.

We thrive on continuous innovation and collaboration with our partners, as we believe we all need mutual help and inspiration as we strive for cyber resilience. If you are looking for an organisation on the cutting edge of cyber innovation, let’s talk.

Cyber Services

Global Intelligence-led SOC to Make Your Business Cyber Resilient

In the era of rapid growth of new technology, the threat of cyber attacks is at an all-time high, leaving all organisations open to the risk of financial losses, intellectual property theft and reputational damage. Gain a competitive advantage and stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats with CyberQ Group’s fully managed glo (SOC).

Our proactive, global intelligence-led approach combined with Continuous Breach Detection and Human Reconnaissance allows us to anticipate and prioritise active and emerging threats to your organisation. By using the latest cutting-edge technologies and combined cyber threat intelligence services, our security professionals ensure your business remains operational.'

Fully Managed SOC

CyberQ Group’s in-house SOC offers a fully managed solution that proactively monitors external and internal threats, provides rapid response to incidents, protects both digital and physical assets and assists with meeting sector-based security compliance.

Build Versus PartnershipCyberQ Group’s SOC combines people, processes and technology to provide actionable security intelligence without the cost, complexity and workforce required when building an in-house SOC.

We work as an extension of your existing team to provide a ‘follow the sun’ service.

Take advantage of our robust onboarding process that gets the SOC up and running within 48 hours.

Get immediate access to our investment in skilled cyber professionals to manage your security effectively and avoid the challenging task of hiring and retaining your own security staff.

The digital era and rapid growth of online communities and social platforms have revolutionised how we communicate and share information but introduced a new level of threat to organisations that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

New forums and communities that exist on the surface, deep and dark web have granted easy access for individuals to trade data and information often undetected until it’s too late.

Human Reconnaissance

Human Reconnaissance (Human Recon) is a unique service that profiles an individual’s digital footprint using open source, deep web and dark web intelligence to identify online behaviour traits that could be a threat to your organisation.

Using a range of unique data points, our Human Reconnaissance experts can provide you with an entire digital profile on an individual including; social media profile, interactions with online forums, personal information posted publicly and compromised account information.

This new level of insight is helping organisations reduce their risk profile and exposure to unplanned costs and reputational damage, by alerting them to behaviours from individuals that may be knowingly or unknowingly compromising the organisation.

Stage One

Multi Surface Collection

Research to identify evidence of activity that requires

further investigation.

Surface Web

Social media, blogs, government records, business involvement and news platforms Publicly available information available via mainstream browsers.

Deep Web

Information not indexed by search engines that can’t be read by conventional technology. Information on individuals is located here but not easily accessible.

Dark Web

Accessed by anonymised methods (TOR).

Often used for criminal activities.



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