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Cultured Meat Foundation

Cultured Meat Foundation

A Dutch non-profit organization which aims to raise awareness about the possibilities of cultured meat. The foundation funds research and connects companies that can overcome the obstacles to making cultured meat a solution to the effects meat production have on the environment.

Treasurer Daan Luining previously helped New Harvest develop a road map for cultured meat.

The cultured meat foundation is aiming to use episomal reprogramming, a method to transiently introduce reprogramming genes needed to generate induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to create a bank of iPS cells from cow, pig, chicken, tuna, salmon and lobster that are grown serum free and feeder free.

The organization is a non-profit that is interested in funding scientists to achieve their goal of making cultured meat available on the market. The organization looks to develop tools for scientists and companies to make cultured meat a standard option.

Lab-grown meat has been grown since 2002, and in 1997 there was the first patent on cultured meat by a Dutch entrepreneur. This lead to a project lasting from 2005-2009 which led to the first lab hamburger. Since 2009, investors have focused on cultured meat including the Modern Agricultural Foundation from Israel, New Harvest from the United States, and the Cultured Meat Foundation. The technology to create foods falls between medical and food sciences for the foundation.



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August 21, 2017

The Cultured Meat Foundation



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