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Cristian Grossmann

Cristian Grossmann

Founder and CEO of Beekeeper

Cristian Grossmann is the founder and CEO of Beekeeper. He made the company in 2012, alongside one of his co-founder, Flavio Pfaffhauser. Before Beekeeper, they developed BlicKlick, an anonymous dating mobile application for university students. However, the application was instead more often used to exchange more general information and discussion, and thus, Grossmann and Pfaffhauser developed the mobile application into Spocal. Spocal is a mobile-based community platform developed for university students in Switzerland. Grossman previously worked in Accenture and ChromaCon.

Grossmann was born in Mexico City, from a mother who is of Mexican descent and a father who is of Swiss descent. He has two younger brothers. Grossmann moved to Switzerland after high school in 2001 to start his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering in ETH Zurich. He continued his studies until 2009, graduating with a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. In his free time, Grossmann does triathlon training and CrossFit.



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