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Island of Greece

Crete (Greek Κρήτη) is the largest Greek island, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located 110 km from Europe, 175 km from Asia and 300 km from Africa. Geographically belongs to Europe. Crete is washed by three seas - the Cretan in the north, the Libyan in the south and the Ionian in the west. The administrative center is the city of Heraklion.

The tourist infrastructure of Crete is better than on other islands - Crete is considered one of the most popular European resorts. Tourist attractions in Crete include archaeological sites at Knossos, Malia, Phaistos, Gortyn, etc., the Venetian fortress of Fortezza at Rethymno, the Samaria Gorge, the Lasithi Plateau (English) Russian. and the Diktea Cave, the island of Imeri-Gramvousa with Balos Bay, as well as the unique freshwater lake of Kourna.

In ancient times, Crete was the center of the Minoan civilization, which flourished on the island from about 2600 to 1400 BC. e. and considered the oldest in Europe.


Year of creation of Crete (BC)

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Foundation For Research & Technology - Hellas
June 23, 2021
A recent article published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, led by Dr. Kostas Kouroumpatzakis, of the Institute of Astrophysics at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (IA-FORTH), and the University of Crete, provides new insights into the connection between the X-ray luminosity of accreting black holes and neutron stars and the composition of the stellar populations they are associated with. This research was conducted at the Institute of Astrophysics of FORTH and the University of Crete.
Shannen Balogh and Alex Morrell
May 27, 2021
Business Insider
Banks, asset managers, custodians, and exchanges use Talos automated services like liquidity management and settlement of digital assets.
Benjamin Brimelow
May 26, 2021
Business Insider
"The days of the parachute troops are over," Hitler said after the invasion of Crete in 1941. The Allies thought differently.
By Milly Vincent For Mailonline
October 9, 2019
Mail Online
The fascinating discovery of a full female skeleton buried along with an array of valuable accessories was made during a large dig in the municipality of Sissi, on the north coast of the Greek island of Crete.
James Rogers
October 3, 2019
Fox News
Archaeologists in Greece may have made a fascinating discovery in an ancient palace on the island of Crete.
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