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Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Edible oil extracted from coconuts

Over the past years, as the popularity of coconut oil has gained momentum, it turns out that coconut oil can have many beneficial properties, which in turn will positively affect your body.

Coconut oil contains over 80% saturated fat, many nutritionists believe that less than 10% saturated fat should be consumed per day. However, more than 70% of people believe that it is still useful.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Let's look at the main benefits of the oil and understand its usefulness:

  • Good cholesterol

Scientists conducted a series of tests, and it turned out that coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, which contribute to the production of good cholesterol. However, after that, more studies were conducted to confirm this information, and in half of the participants, bad cholesterol still increased. As a result, in 2018, scientists studied that extra virgin olive oil can affect cholesterol levels in the same way as olive oil.

  • Blood sugar

Again, medium chain triglycerides can help maintain insulin sensitivity in the blood. This was described in a 2009 study.

  • Reducing stress levels

Coconut oil, obtained from the first pressing, it is this oil that can serve as a good antioxidant.

  • Hair care

By applying oil to your hair, you can nourish your hair with substances that are useful and necessary for your curls. It also hydrates the scalp, which will help avoid flare-ups. It can be read here.

  • Skin

Applying oil to the skin or to damaged areas can be accompanied by rapid recovery, nutrition and an increase in the level of the protective layer of the skin.

  • Improve and maintain liver health

In 2017, studies were conducted that showed a beneficial effect on the liver.

  • Feeling full

Some people find that coconut oil makes them feel fuller after eating than after eating without coconut oil.


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