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Republic of Russia, federal subject of Russia

General information about the region

Chechen Republic, city of Grozny

Population - 283,659 people (as of January 1, 2015).

The distance from Moscow to the city of Grozny is 1827.1 km.

The area is 16.3 thousand square meters. km.


According to numerous studies, the Chechens are one of the most ancient peoples of the Caucasus with an expressive anthropological type, a characteristic ethnic face, an original culture and a rich language. Already at the end of the 3rd - the first half of the 2nd millennium BC. the original culture of the local population is developing on the territory of the Chechen Republic. Chechens were directly related to the formation in the Caucasus of such cultures as early agricultural, Kuro-Arak, Maikop, Kayakent-Kharachoev, Mugergan, Koban. The combination of modern indicators of archeology, anthropology, linguistics and ethnography established the deeply local origin of the Chechen (Nakh) people. Mentions of the Chechens (under various names), as the indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasus, are found in many ancient and medieval sources. We find the first reliable written information about the ancestors of the Chechens from Greco-Roman historians of the 1st century. BC.


The climate is continental. Winter is mild, summer is hot. The Chechen Republic is characterized by a significant variety of climatic conditions. The air temperature fluctuates depending on the height above sea level. The average temperature in January ranges from -3°C in the Tersko-Kuma lowland to -12°C in the mountains, the average temperature in July is 25 and 21°C, respectively. It falls from 300 (on the Terek-Kuma lowland) to 1000 mm (in the southern regions) of precipitation per year.

Natural healing resources

There are several sanatoriums in the Chechen Republic that are able to provide rest and treatment. In modern sanatoriums there are staff who can provide the necessary assistance, give the necessary recommendations. The health resorts of the Chechen Republic specialize in the treatment and prevention of diseases by profiles - diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the urological, gynecological, respiratory diseases, diseases of the ear, throat, nose, skin diseases, infectious diseases.

Population and religion

The population of the republic is quite small. In total, about one million four hundred thousand people live in Chechnya. At the same time, 250 thousand people live in the city of Grozny, which is the capital of Chechnya, and about 40-50 thousand residents live in each of the other major cities of Chechnya, which include Urus-Martan, Shali, Gudermes and Argun.

The overwhelming majority of residents (about 95%) are Chechens. A small number (just over 3%) are occupied by Russians, the rest of the peoples of the North Caucasus occupy a very small part.The religion followed by the majority of Chechens is Islam. On the territory of Chechnya there are a large number of mosques and ziyarts - places of worship for Muslim saints, to which pilgrimages are made.


the main dishes of the national Chechen cuisine are: wheat tortillas (hingalsh), zhizhig-galnash - the second disease, which is mutton with dumplings, yoh - a disease in the form of bacon sausage with corn flour. Mutton, cheese, corn, cottage cheese and tortillas are the main components of Chechen cuisine. They are usually served with seasonings.

In addition to the dishes served in cafes and restaurants, you can eat there and go for foreign dishes of European cuisine. In principle, it is quite inexpensive to eat on the territory of the republic. For example, you can try zizhig-galnash for 300 rubles. According to the needs of tourists, the dish is quite tasty. Tortillas with sauces, lamb kebabs and much more are also common everywhere.

What to see in Grozny

The city of Grozny is the capital of the Chechen Republic. This is the largest settlement and the most beautiful. According to tourists, the city is very clean, with magnificent architecture, squares, squares. There are quite a lot of attractions here, including both historical monuments restored after the war and modern beautiful buildings.

In the very center of Grozny is the Heart of Chechnya mosque, which is the largest in Russia and Europe. This is a grandiose, incredibly beautiful and very expensive building, the decoration of which was made of pure gold and rare stone. At night it is illuminated by lights, which is an amazing sight.

Not far from the mosque, a modern architectural complex called "Grozny City" was built, consisting of high-rise buildings. There are restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, swimming pools, cinemas, etc. On the square next to the complex there are many cafes, fountains, alleys where you can walk and relax.


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