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COS.TV Decentralized content platform.

COS.TV is YouTube's newest competitor. With the platform, it is possible to generate revenue both by watching videos and publishing videos. COS.TV works in a similar way to YouTube and Vimeo, but its main difference is that you can earn virtual money both by watching and publishing videos. The platform's revenues are generated through the Blockchain system, which is a technology that provides the basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

COS.TV aims to be the biggest decentralized content platform.

We has over millions of videos. Based on our algorithm, the platform will give out engagement rewards to content creators.


Video uploads, comments, and likes will all generate profits and get rewards.

Gifting Votes

Gifting Votes received will be rewarded to the content creator immediately, instead of waiting for seven days.

Numerous Content

COS.TV has millions of creative and fun videos. The clean website design and fast speed will take your viewing experience to the next level.

Friendly community

We listen to every users voice and suggestions, to keep optimize and provide the best product to everyone.

COS.TV is the decentralized content platform based on Contentos.

Contentos aims to create a equity platform tor creators to freely produced, authenticated, and distributed by leveraging blockchain technology and token economy. Our unique rewards system will motivate users to promote the contents, generate significant amount of audience, and push content creators to get actively involved in our ecosystem.

Contentos positions in a open and diverse platform that aims to provide different types of content products.

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