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CISA offers a wide range of locks for all security and installation requirements. Mechanical, electric and electronic locks that can be installed on steel, aluminium and wooden doors but also on armored and fire doors and emergency exits.

CISA was established in 1926 in Florence, thanks to the intuition of Luigi Bucci and Pina Dell’Agnello, and in those years they patented the electric controlled lock.

Centre of excellence for master key systems. CISA designs access management systems, customising them to specific project requirements and guaranteeing maximum security of the building.

Research and development. CISA is on the cutting edge to offer protection against the most sophisticated methods of intrusion and forced entry, thanks to its ongoing commitment to research: more than 70 patents have been registered in the past ten years.

CISA enjoys commercial success in Italy and the leading international markets.

The Monsampolo (AP) plant is opened, a centre of excellence for designing keys and cylinders.

CISA celebrates 90 years with a catalogue of solutions for all buildings: schools, hospitals, homes, hotels, shopping centres, companies.



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Электрозамок CISA 16215.25 на калитки и другие профильные двери. Сравнение с ISEO и Полис-20


September 3, 2019

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