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Burgos CF

Burgos CF

Spanish football club

Spanish football club from the city of the same name in the autonomous community of Castile-Leon. The club was founded in 1922, recreated in 1994. They play their home matches at the El Plantio stadium.

The club was founded in 1922 under the name "Burgos Foot-ball club". In 1936, on the basis of the Burgos club.

In 1980, Burgos left Primera, and after 3 years, serious financial difficulties led to the actual disappearance of the club. On the basis of the reserve team of the club - "Burgos Promesas" - the club "Real Burgos" was created.

In 1994, at the initiative of a local entrepreneur, José Maria Quintano, Burgos was recreated under its former name. . The club applied for participation in the regional league, 2 years later reaching Tercera. The highest achievement of the recreated Burgos was the 2001/02 season spent in the Segunda.


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