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This is a legal entity that acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer in different financial markets.

Brokerage activity in the securities market is a licensed type of activity. To obtain a license in most countries, you must complete special training and pass an exam.

Types of broker
  • Exchange broker. An exchange broker is required to have a license and be registered on the exchange or be a member of it. A broker in the securities market is a trade representative, a legal entity, a professional participant in the securities market, who has the right to conduct transactions with securities on behalf of a client and at his expense or on his own behalf and at the expense of a client on the basis of reimbursable agreements with a client. An exchange broker can make transactions indirectly, through specialists in various types of activities, as well as through dealers. The client gives the broker an instruction to complete a transaction, including such parameters as quantity, delivery time, price. The broker is obliged to provide a report on all transactions made on behalf of the client. Most often, transactions on the stock exchanges are carried out through brokerage houses.
  • Business broker. A business broker is a legal or natural person, an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of a ready-made business, an agent of business mergers and acquisitions. A business broker acts as a mediator in relations between the two parties, works in the interests of the transaction process.
  • Customs Broker. This is an individual or legal entity that represents the interests of clients in the preparation of documents in the customs authorities. Additionally, it can provide a range of logistics services for export-import operations.
  • Insurance Broker. An insurance broker is an independent subject of the insurance market, which, for a fee, carries out brokerage activities in insurance or reinsurance on its own behalf in the interests of its clients (persons with a need for insurance or rights of claim against the insurer). An insurance broker is looking for a suitable company (group of companies) for a client that provides optimal insurance conditions. If an insured event occurs, the broker helps the client to receive a refund. The insurance broker is also responsible for the payment of insurance premiums by the client.


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