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Bittium (company)

Bittium (company)

Bittium is an Oulu-based telecommunications company providing secure communications and connectivity solutions and research and development services for different industries.

Bittium Corp is a company operating in the wireless telecommunications business. It provides communications and connectivity solutions to customers in the Internet of Things, telecommunications, defense, and healthcare industries. The firm's product portfolio includes LTE smartphones for security and public safety needs, wireless Internet protocol networks, voice over Internet protocol products, and LTE access points for tactical communications. Bittium also offers information security solutions for mobile devices; portable computers; and healthcare products and services for biosignal measuring in cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health, and sports medicine.

Bittium divides the company's business activities into three product and service areas. These include defense and security, connectivity solutions, and medical technologies. The company also offers research and development services for new and unique products or services in any of those divisions.

Defense and Security

In the defense and security products and services division of Bittium, the company works to develop and offer defense, security, and public safety markets telecommunications, wireless products, and services aimed at strengthening the security of independent countries. These products are also developed to offer competitive data transfer, mobility, and compatibility with other communications systems.

Additionally, these products are developed to meet military requirements. Products and services in this category include:

  • Tactical IP Networks: for data, voice, and connectivity in a battlefield
  • Tactical radio links: offering radio links across wireless broadband
  • Tactical MANET: mobile ad-hoc self-healing mobile network for troops
  • Tactical SDR: software-defined radio based products and systems
  • Tactical Waveforms: for secure use in Bittium's SDR systems
  • Tactical LTE solutions: for secure 4G LTE connectivity
  • Tactical VoIP: a range of IP-based communication products and network extension units
  • Tactical management: includes solutions for network and device management in battlefield environments
Connectivity Solutions

Bittium develops different wireless technologies and wireless connectivity solutions for use in areas where security and reliability are required. This product category includes mobile devices, cyber security solutions, and remote access solutions for mobile workers. Bittium's solutions in this category work to provide secure communications and connectivity solutions for use in public safety and security, healthcare, and utility markets. Products and services in this category include the following:

  • Secure smartphones, for use in any scenario where there is a need for secured mobile communications and smartphones
  • Certified secure mobile communications, which include solutions for secure communications adherence to the highest level of security, according to Bittium
  • LTE and Dual-Mode critical communications, which work to provide uninterrupted connectivity for emergency situations
  • Customizable mobile platforms for enterprises, in the case of a need for secure smartphones using an enterprises brand
  • Secure remote access for care workers, to help improve patient care through connectivity technologies for home care facilities
  • Always-on connectivity for field workers, which works to provide constant connection in remote access applications, such as field engineers
Bittium Tough Mobile 2
Bittium Tough Mobile 2

Part of Bittium's Connectivity Solutions business division, Tough Mobile 2 is a smartphone built for secure communications. This includes the security of data in the phone at all times with multilayered security in the hardware and source code. The phone is intended to be tamper-proof, have non-rootable firmware, offer disk encryption, incorporate trusted boot, and require user credentials and encryption keys for access. This is done running on a hardened Android 9 Pie operating system, with dual SIM capabilities, and in a phone chassis rated for MIL-STD-810G shock and drop resistance and IP67 water and dust resistance.

The phone includes Bittium's Secure Suite, which is comprised of software products intended to offer a set of services for secure communications and to complement the secure hardware of the phone. The Secure Suite provides users with audit logs for security related events, remote wipe of a device, remote attestation, application whitelisting support, Bittium SafeMove MDM support, Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN for encrypting data, hardened password policy, and a multi-container feature.

Medical Technologies

For the medical technologies markets, Bittium works to provide products and solutions for biosignals' based remote monitoring and diagnostics, based on biosignal measurement, wireless communications, and security technology. The company also works to offer digitization of services solutions for the healthcare market. These products and services are used in the areas of cardiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, and occupational health. And the technologies include ECG and EEG monitoring products. Products and services are offered in the segments of:

  • cardiology, including products for remote cardiac monitoring or event recording and software for the detection of cardiac abnormalities;
  • neuroscience and neurophysiology, including EEG monitoring and measuring products and software, which offer modular structures for upgrades and new product capabilities; and
  • Bittium Respiro, an at-home sleep apnea screening device and analysis service solution for service providers, hospitals, clinics, and health centers.




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