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Get your Token now. is your powerful payment token to pay for services inside the bitcci ecosystem. Sex workers, customers or club owners pay with for club entry fees, bar & restaurant consumption, ad placements and premium services in the bitcci portals and Apps, licence fees for nightclub management software...

The global sex market was worth over $200 billion in 2020. The potential for growth is great, because the internet has significantly changed the way in which sex is perceived and how it is experienced. For example, since 1980, the number of men who purchase sexual services has doubled worldwide. In addition to the great potential for the industry, there are

also many challenges in the industry for which bitcci is developing unique solutions. Within the "bitcci ecosystem," we are building a new, global network of our own nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, and blockchain-based payment solutions. We aim to become the international market leader in the sex market in the next 10 years. In addition to setting up the central IT platform “bitcci Systems”, one of our core competencies will, in particular, be our extensive knowledge of the operation of nightclubs. Along the value chain of sexual services, we offer sex workers a modern package of

services and training programmes marked by free self-determination that ensure their stable and long-term loyalty to the bitcci ecosystem and a high work-life balance. The fact that our IT system is already in operation in the 4 largest nightclubs in Switzerland gives us the necessary business data and know-how regarding their needs. The operation of these 4

nightclubs has shown us that there is a considerable need for optimisation, modernisation, standardisation and regulation in the industry. Our entire strategy and culture within the bitcci ecosystem is geared towards achieving these goals.

For this reason we have decided to build the bitcci Nightclub Network with modern, standardised and identical buildings and to operate them in close coordination with the authorities. We are initially launching a “learning phase” in the European Union, in which we will build 20 new nightclubs by the end of 2022. Then we will start the international rollout.

We will then seek certification according to ISO 9001:2015 in short order, aligning the entire 4 ecosystem according to the Kai Zen philosophy and introduce AI systems in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. The first meetings with specialists in these areas have already been held and the first projects are already in preparation.

The central instrument of the bitcci ecosystem is the bitcci IT platform "bitcci Systems", which uses software modules created in-house to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all components of the bitcci ecosystem. Likewise, special interfaces will give authorities and others direct access to our club data and the women working. Large parts of bitcci Systems are already available and operational. As a viral marketing tool, we are launching bitcci.TV, an internet-based TV channel on which presenters will regularly present current news from the bitcci ecosystem live. We already have a great deal of experience in setting up a successful online broadcasting company. All activities and the entire bitcci ecosystem will be bundled under the bitcci Group AG. All shares in both the existing and forthcoming subsidiaries of bitcci Group AG will be 100% owned by bitcci Group AG. bitcci Group AG and the company's management have a very dense network of contacts and cooperation partners in the sex and blockchain industries and belong to relevant professional organisations.

These legal considerations are based on the legal opinion of one of the most prominent blockchain-related law firms in

Switzerland. For the following reasons, money laundering laws do not apply to the issuance of the bitccicash token.

Legal Considerations bitcci is the sole issuer and recipient of the bitccicash token.

The bitccicash token is a payment token and can only be used as a currency to pay for goods and services.

services within the bitcci ecosystem.

It is not intended to pay for third-party services or peer-to-peer transfers between third parties.

The main goal of the bitcci group of companies is to provide technology and infrastructure services to customers.

Compared to the core business of the bitcci group of companies, bitccica is an accessory.

bitccicash tokens can only be bought with cryptocurrency.

bitccicash tokens cannot be bought with fiat money.

The minimum amount to purchase a ccicashtoken token is 100 Swiss francs.

Over 25,000 have been reserved for KYC/AML verification to verify the source of funds.

bitcci verifies each crypto address with AML scoring service. bitcc does not accept payments from addresses

who have been blacklisted due to suspicious activity.


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