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City of Ukraine

Located on the river Boberka, founded in 1211. A Renaissance castle is located in the Bibrka territorial community, the center of which is the town of Bibrka, in the village of Svirzh.

The official name of the town in the Austro-Hungarian registers is Prachnik. In Yiddish it was called Boyberke, Boiberke, Boiberik.

It is probable that the first settlement, now the town of Bibrka, arose as a settlement of beaver hunters, who were caught for the nearby prince Zvenigorod. The Beaver valleys above the river Boberka are still constantly wet and swampy, regardless of the season. In the past, they were apparently constantly covered with water and are therefore suitable for beavers that love standing, still water in dams or floodplains, where they build their homes. Probably, hunters from Prince Zvenyhorod, and not only from the capital, came here to hunt more than once. The same places, rich in beavers, were along the Boberka River to the south, probably not in one place, in particular, between the present villages of Khodorkivtsi and Sokolivka, on the western outskirts of Sokolivka.


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