BeyondTrust is an enterprise-level software company offering privileged access management solutions.

BeyondTrust offers enterprise level Privileged Access Management Solutions. These solutions allow customers to manage passwords, manage endpoint privilege, manage privilege remote access and they offer vulnerability management, remote support and auditing.



In 2006 Microsoft acquired DesktopStandard who developed policy and registry products for the Windows platform. They acquired DesktopStandard's GPOVault, PolicyMaker Standard Edition, Registry Extension, Software Update and Share Manager Products, which Microsoft integrated into their Group Policy Management Console.

Out of this acquisition, twenty previous employees, including DesktopStandard's CEO John Moyer, formed BeyondTrust Corp. with their Policy Maker Application Security. The Policy Maker Application Security allowed users to have elevated privileges to certain applications without granting users temporary user rights to every application.

Microsoft did not acquire the Policy Maker Application Security because it was not consistent with the group-policy management planned for Windows Vista.


Symark International acquires BeyondTrust

In September 2009, Symark announced they acquired BeyondTrust. Both companies offered privilege access management tools. Symark merged their PowerSeries tools – PowerBroker, PowerKeeper and PowerADvantage – with BeyondTrust's Privilege Manager tool. Symark tools worked on UNIX, Linux and Windows environments, whereas BeyondTrust's tools worked in the Windows desktop with limited backend access. Together, the two companies offered a strong suite of security and privileged access management tools.

Both companies heading into the merger were independently profitable and operated largely independent of each other until Q1 2010 when the merger finalized. They operated under the name BeyondTrust. John Moyer, then CEO of BeyondTrust, moved into the role of Executive Vice President and General Manager over Windows Business in the new BeyondTrust.

BeyondTrust acquires BlackBird Group

In December of 2012, BeyondTrust acquired BlackBird group. BeyondTrust leveraged BlackBirds product line to give additional context and awareness around Active Directory and infrastructure with real-time auditing capabilities for privileged and normal users.

Bomgar acquires BeyondTrust

In September 2018 Bomgar completed their acquisition of BeyondTrust to bolster their suite of access management products. The acquisition came at a time when Bomgar, already an industry leader in remote access management, had started investing in privileged access management tools, where BeyondTrust had established themselves as a leader. The acquisition saw Bomgar renamed as BeyondTrust and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2018, Bomgar acquired Lieberman Software and Avectro to strengthen their identity and privileged access management portfolio previous to their BeyondTrust acquisition.


June 25, 2019

BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management, today announced the latest release of BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows and Mac, formerly Avecto Defendpoint.

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October 4, 2018

Bomgar, a global leader of privileged access management (PAM) solutions, today announced it has officially closed the previously announced acquisition of BeyondTrust.

December 12, 2012

BeyondTrust Acquires BlackBird Group, Improves Enterprise Security

August 19, 2009

The acquisition closed on Aug. 19 but was not announced until Monday.

October 2, 2006

Microsoft buys DesktopStandard



Dan Derosa

Chief Products Officer

Dave Giles

Chief Customer Success Officer

Janine Seebeck

Chief Financial Officer

Liz Shulof

Chief Marketing Officer

Martin Willoughby

General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer

Matt Dircks

Chief Executive Officer

Morey J. Haber

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer

Raj Cherukuri

Executive Vice President, Engineering and Technology

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