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Bee Safe

Bee Safe

BeeSafe is a secure, charitable, auto-deflationary, and truly decentralized cryptocurrency for the masses. Our mission is to protect pollinators and our investors through the means of our DAO, Treasury, Buy Backs, Wallet and more! Join us in facilitating a safe trip to the MOON for all NewBees!

The BeeSafe Treasury

On every sell there is an inversion tax of 17%

The worker bee's transport the 17% tax from every sell into the BeeSafe where it is converted to honey & ready to use for treasury buy backs to further increase the honey liquidity of the BeeSafe Colony.

Inversion is the term used when bee's convert nectar into honey.

Bee Inspired

The BeeSafe will accumulate substantially every single day from every single sell.

YOU decide! You will have the control to decide where you want the BeeSafe treasury funds to be spent (DAO).

The BeeSafe wallet is Block-Chain Agnostic, meaning it can be used with any blockchain. You'll be able to store all of your coins in one place regardless of what blockchain they are on.

Our Wallet Application will allow you to do the following: Safely store any currency, track any of the top 100, Swap tokens through our built in swap and facilitate your learning via our Academy Portal.


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