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Award type

Award type

There are a vast number of official awards in a variety of industries and categories in the world. Awards are given in honor of a person, entity, or thing's skills, achievements, or contributions.

Awards are given to honor a person, entity, or thing's outstanding skills, achievements, or contributions. There are many types of awards in all kinds of industries and categories. They can be recognized locally, nationally, or internationally, as well as within a private group of individuals. Awards typically come in the forms of trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons, certificates, and money; an award can also be intangible, like a title of honor. Awards are often presented during an event or ceremony.

Types of awards

Some awards are not officially recognized or recorded by any major entity. Examples include a workplace's employee of the month award or a school's academic achievement award. Other types of awards are widely known, like those in the entertainment industry. These awards are usually presented during a publicized ceremony or event, the names of which are often eponymous with the award––for example, Grammy Awards are awarded to musical artists during the annual Grammy Awards ceremony (also called the Grammys.) Major awards are available in nearly every field.


Awards in the entertainment fields fall into the categories of film, acting, music, and more. These awards are usually presented in an eponymous ceremony.

Journalism and writing

Journalism and literary awards are given to acknowledge excellence in writing and reporting.

Science and mathematics

Science and mathematics awards are typically given to those who make a new discovery or reach a new achievement in their respective fields.

Humanitarian and military

Humanitarian and military awards are given to honor the bravery and courage of those who perform heroic acts or act in the public interest. Due to the inherent danger of many heroic and courageous acts, especially of those during war, these types of awards are sometimes awarded posthumously to honor the sacrifice that a person made.


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