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Asoke K. Talukder

Asoke K. Talukder

Asoke K. Talukder is a Physicist, Computer Scientist, and a Geneticist. He contributed in the field of Omic sciences, Data sciences, Knowledge discovery, Mobile computing, Information Technology, Telecom, Creative Arts, Research and Education.

Talukder worked in India, USA, UK, and Singapore in areas of Innovation and Research for companies like ICL, Fujitsu-ICIM, Microsoft, Oracle, Informix, Digital, Hewlett Packard, Sequoia, Northern Telecom, NEC, KredietBank, iGate, Cellnext, and more.

He internet-enabled Microsoft PowerPoint, engineered Oracle Parallel Server for Hewlett Packard HP-FX, Sequoia Fault Tolerant computer, and developed many technologies and products. He engineered the first commercial 64 bit relational database in the world (Informix) for DEC-Alpha. He set up the first X.25 network in India for Department of Telecommunications (currently BSNL & MTNL), and the first Java Competency Centre in India. He engineered the Network Management System for Queen’s Award winning PDMX. He setup many IDC (India Development Centre) and built many successful start-ups. He built wireless technology and content company Cellnext that defined the mobile Web and mobile content in India and world; also, helped Tyfone to build its mobile payment and SD-card based NFC Credit card products as a start-up.

He is the co-founder of InterpretOmics, a Systems Biology and Data Sciences company developing technologies in molecular biology. He was the DaimlerChrysler Chair Professor at IIIT-Bangalore and Visiting Professor at VIT University, Vellore. He is Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NIT Warangal and Adjunct Faculty at Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior; Adjunct Faculty at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.

Books authored

Asoke K Talukder, Nuno Garcia, G.M. Jayateertha (Author & Editor), “Convergence through All IP Networks”, 2013, CRC Press, ISBN 9789814364638

Asoke K Talukder, Roopa R Yavagal, BIAN ZHU (Author), Mobile Communication Technology, Application and Service Creation (Chinese Edition), 2011

Asoke K Talukder, Texting for Business, 2011, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-8465-3709-1

Asoke K. Talukder, Manish Chaitaya, Architecting Secure Software Systems, 2008, CRC Press, 2008, ISBN 1420087843, ISBN 978-1420087840

Asoke K Talukder, Hasan Ahmed, Roopa Yavagal, Mobile Computing – Technology, Applications and Service Creation, Edition 2, 2010, McGraw-Hill

Books edited

“Lecture Notes on Computer Science” LNCS 3285 on Applied Computing. Published by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-23659-7. Editor : Suresh Manandhar, Jim Austin, Uday Desai, Yoshio Oyanagi, and Asoke K Talukder

“Innovative Applications of Information Technology for the Developing World: Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Applied Computing Conference”, Imperial College Press, 2007, ISBN 1860948278; ISBN 978-1860948275. Editor : Lalit Mohan Patnaik, Asoke K Talukder, Deepak Bhattarai, and Hirendra Man Pradhan


Secure Messaging, applied for patent in USA, 2006

Artificial Hygiene, applied for patent in USA, 2004

Asynchronous Multifactor Security technology, applied for patent in Chennai, 2002

Molecular biology engagements

Bioinformatics Lab (outsourced 3 scientists/bioinformaticians) for IFOM (FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology), Milan, Italy

Exome Analysis for congenital eye disease for AIIMS, Delhi, India

Discovery of Protein Structure for Norrie Disease for LVP Eye Hospital, Hyderabad, India

Epigenomics (ChIP-Seq) Analysis for Beans, University of Delaware, USA

Epigenomics (ChIP-Seq) & RNA-Seq analysis for Disease resistance of Beans,University of Delaware, USA

Microarray Data Analysis of Human data for IICB, Kolkata, India

miRNA Analysis & Discovery for Human Stem Cell, IGIB, Delhi, India

miRNA Analysis & Discovery for Rice & Tomato for ICGEB, Delhi, India

miRNA Analysis & Discovery for Hydra for NCBS, Bangalore, India

DNA-Seq & RNA-Seq for Goat NBAGR, Karnal, India

RNA-Seq for Buffalo for NBAGR, Karnal, India

Assembly of M.Ciceri genome for NRCPB

Metabolic Pathway for Streptomyces for Biocon

Genome Assembly of Pathogens, University of Giessen, Germany

Metagenomics Analysis of bacteria for CMC Vellore, India & a Lab at South Africa

iOMICS Platform for Genetics and Molecular Medicine


Ph. D (Computer Science & Engineering), IIITB, 2008.

M. Sc. (Physics) with Biophysics Major, Presidency College (Calcutta University), 1976.

B. Sc (Physics Honours), BKC College, Calcutta University, 1971



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