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Apple corer

Apple corer

Device for removing core and pips from an apple


An apple corer is a device for removing the core and pips from an apple. It may also be used for similar fruits, such as pears or quince.

Some apple corers consist of a handle with a circular cutting device at the end. When pushed through the apple, it removes the core to the diameter of the circular cutting device. The core can then be removed from the apple corer.

A 1700s apple corer made from a cannonbone.

An apple cutter, with a corer and slicer

Another type of apple corer can be placed on top of the apple and pushed through, which both cores and slices the apple. This is also often called apple cutter or apple slicer.

An apple corer is often used when the apple needs to be kept whole, for example, when making baked apples. Apple slicers are used when a large number of apples need to be cored and sliced, for example, when making an apple pie or other desserts.


Attempts to design efficient peelers had been ongoing for decades before David Goodell received his patent. For instance, Pennsylvanian Moses Coates patented a type of apple parer as early as 1804. But it was Goodell who became known as the inventor of the apple peeler with his efficient and popular design.


November 15, 1920
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