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Anthony Day

Anthony Day

Blockchain Leader at IBM | LinkedIn Top Voice | 40k+ | Web 3.0 | Digital Strategist | Podcast Host | Sustainability

I help organisations to understand the benefits of using exponential technologies like Blockchain to create commercially viable digital transformations. I bring together the best of IBM in terms of people; technology accelerators; platforms like Food Trust, Tradelens, Trust Your Supplier; and ecosystem partners from around the world to deliver scalable, secure and innovative technology capabilities. It's not all about Blockchain, and I bring experience of combining other digital capabilities and exponentials like AI, IoT, Digital Identity, Open Platforms, and Cloud as part of the toolkit that our clients can work with.

I'm passionate about engagement with the community and helping non-experts to understand, and appreciate, the value of Blockchain technology. I host the Blockchain Won't Save the World Podcast which provides easy-to-understand examples of real world projects or stories around an entire country's experience with the technology, you can find more here:



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