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A collection of 7777 ultra realistic 3D art pieces by David Masson San Gabriel; artist for Marvel, HBO, Lucas Film, Warner Bros, Disney, and Universal studios.

- What is Alienverse?

- Alienverse is a 7777 collection of randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

- When Is the mint date?

- TBA.

- How can I get an Alien?

- A couple of ways:

- minting

- raffles

- second hand on OpenSea or LooksRare.

- What is the mint price?

- TBA.

Brand Collaborations

Ever wondered what an Alien rocking Off-White would look like?

We are partnering up with the biggest fashion brands to provide holders with real-world benefits. You can expect discounts, limited-edition items, 1-of-1 rare NFTs, and metaverse-ready wearables.

This is no distant promise. This is happening NOW. We're happy to announce our partnership with BLVCK (1M+ followers), one of the most innovative streetwear brands for the launch of our collection.


Our collection's priority is to reward NFT holders by developing utilities they can use in their current everyday life. Not in a hypothetical future.

R O A D M A P:

Alienverse roadmap plans post collection sellout. We are focusing on the future and believe the community drives the value of the project. Holders will be rewarded with flash prizes, giveways, etc for helping us build this into something real

\ P H A S E 1: Our interstellar token launches. Earned through staking, tokens can be redeemed for NFTs, irl discounts at your favorite fashion brands, merch, and metaverse assets.

\ P H A S E 2: Alienverse partners up with the biggest fashion brands to bring our NFT and token holders exclusive discounts and pieces

\ P H A S E 3: Members-only merch releases designed by David and other world-renowned artists

\ P H A S E 4: Launching GEN-2 Aliens...

\ P H A S E 5: High-Fashion IRL pieces designed by David Masson with Metaverse-ready counterparts

All-Star Team

With over 20+ years of cumulative experience in fields such as 3D Art, Machine Learning, Development, and Marketing; the alienverse spaceship is on track to take over the galaxy.

The Collection

Alienverse is an NFT collection sitting at the crossroads of Digital Art and Fashion. Composed of over 200 hand-crafted traits, the 7777 ultra-realistic 3D art pieces by David Masson San Gabriel are set to take the world by storm in the next few weeks. Some Alliens arts:


February 8, 2022
Alienverse on Twitter
January 27, 2022
@JoinAlienverse hit 1k members in like 2 days with a closed discord. Artist @David_Masson_sg with his massive background in the hollywood film industry along with a solid team will make this project insanely successful, mark my words!


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