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Aircraft Cleaning Chemicals Materials

Aircraft Cleaning Chemicals Materials

Approved materials by general services administration for aircraft disinfectants.

Consumable Disinfection Materials

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Disinfectant Cleaner for Aircraft Interior (General Purpose Liquid)

CALLA 1452 (Zip Chemical Products Co., CAGE Code #1KQX9)


BX (Contains twelve 32 FL OZ empty spray bottles along with twelve 1 FL OZ empty spray bottles of concentrate disinfectant.)

For general cleaning of all aircraft interior areas re- quiring disinfection. Fol- low the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Disinfectant, General Purpose (Liquid Phenolic Type)






CN (5 GL)

DR (55 GL)

Treatment, disinfecting/sanitizing, and/or deodorizing of relief tube areas, latrine areas, urinals, toilet bowls, latrine buckets, garbage receptacles, sinks, galley area, and other aircraft interior areas requiring disinfection.

Sanitizer, Phenolic Type, Concentrate

O-D-1435 Pre-mixed Liquid (either material)


BX (4 EA/1 GL CO)

General purpose cleaner. Dilute with tap water as directed by the manufacturer on the container before use.

CALLA 1452

A phosphorous free cleaning agent, this disinfectant works to clean and disinfect aircraft interiors and remove odors. It meets the requirements AMS 1452, AMS 1530, AMS 1453, AMS 1550, Boeing D6-7127, and D6-17487. Over prolonged use, it does not diminish the quality of finishes or painted surfaces. It works on most non-porous surfaces, including glazed ceramic and porcelain, plastic, metal, and stainless steel.

The cleaning agent, if properly diluted, can be applied daily with a cloth, sponge, or sprayer. To properly dilute the solution, there should be 4 ounces of CALLA 1452 for every one gallon of water. For complete disinfection, the solution should be left on surfaces for ten minutes before being wiped off.

Recommended PPE equipment when handling CALLA 1452 includes disposable gloves, a surgical mask, eye protection or face shield, shoe covers, and a disposable waterproof gown.

Due to limited supply of CALLA 1452 due to COVID-19, some government agencies have adopted substitute cleaners:

  • AERODIS 7127, ZIP Chem
  • VITAL OXIDE, Vital Solutions, LLC
  • D-125, Microgen
  • RTU Aviation Cleaner, ZEP Industries, (pH is greater than 10.5)
  • NETBIOKEM DSAM, PSA Callington, Australian product, (pH greater than 10.0)
  • KI-OSE wipes, PSA Callington, Australian product

Used primarily as a human waste disinfectant, A-A-1439 is authorized by the General Services Administration as a preference to a general-purpose cleaner disinfectant O-D-1563.

When diluted with hard water (400 PPM hardness, calcium carbonate), A-A-1439 is rated as a bacterial, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, and viricidal disinfectant. The solution, when diluted by manufacturer's instructions, meets Federal Standard No. 536 in cleaning efficiency.

Bids for this material are evaluated on a price per gallon of use-dilution, calculated with the following formula below where A is the bid price per container of product; B is ounces of product needed to make one gallon of use-dilution solution; C is ounces of product per container.

These same standards apply to commercial item A-A-1438 for disinfectant, general-purpose (liquid phenolic type).

Military interest, custodians: Airforce, Army, Navy.


September 22, 1997
A-A-1438 reviewed and determined to be of valid use by the General Services Administration
January 2, 1981
A-A-1439 reviewed and determined to be of valid use by the General Services Administration

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Cleaning and corrosion prevention and control, aerospace and non-aerospace equipment

Published under the authority of the Secretary of the Air Force



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