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An online venture capital platform for investing in agricultural and food technology companies that is based out of San Francisco, California that was founded by Melissa Tilney, Michael Dean, Rob Leclerc in 2013.

AgFunder is a venture capital and private equity firm investing in agrifood technology companies that is headquartered in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2013 by Melissa Tilney , Michael Dean, and Roc Leclerc. The company invests through proprietary funds and invites investors on the platform to co-invest through co-investment funds of Special Purpose Deals on a deal by deal basis. Notable investments made by AgFunder include: FieldIn, AI Plalette, Tray, IGS, Brightseed, DeHaat, The Yield, Sentera, and ImpactVision.

AgFunder has over 50,000 members and subscribers on their online venture capital platform. Their investment platform makes seed to series B investments. Companies need to apply for funding by AgFunder, and if AgFunder chooses to invest in them, the company is given an option to raise more capital through AgFunder's online venture capital crowdfunding platform. As a Venture Capital Platform, AgFunder has built an ecosystem of over 50,000 members and subscribers through news, research, and innovation awards.

AgFunder has been featured on Bloomberg Television, TechCrunch, CNN Money, Reuters, CNBC, New York Times, and the Financial Times.


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