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Accelerator Batch

Accelerator Batch

An accelerator batch is the term for group of companies included in a startup accelerator's program over a described period. 

An accelerator batch a group of companies included in a startup accelerator's program. The batches can be determined based on a time of year; for example, Y Combinator holds batches twice a year, in summer or winter, and TinySeed runs batches for a full year. Other accelerators will organize their batches based on themes or industries and hold programs once a year. An example of this is Plug and Play, which has multiple programs based on industry.

Many accelerators pair a single-term approach with a specific focus on industry or technology. Other accelerators will focus their batches based on the stage of growth of a company, from idea stage to revenue-generating, late stage. However, most focus on those in the early stages of development, when an accelerator program can potentially have a greater impact on the growing business.

For all accelerators, companies wishing to partake in a program have to apply. Most programs are highly competitive, with Y Combinator and TechStars having application acceptance rates between 1 and 3 percent. Once accepted, companies partake in business development activities, mentoring, and training. In most of these programs, the companies are expected to develop at a quick pace.

The companies participating in an accelerator batch must graduate by a given deadline, which is determined by the accelerator company. Once the companies have graduated, the accelerator program culminates with a Demo Day. During this day, the participating companies present their ideas and products to investors. Many of the accelerator batches make a small investment in the participating companies, usually between USD $20,000 to $50,000. These amounts are dictated by the accelerator company.



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