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AJ McLean

AJ McLean

American male singer

A.J. Mclean, the first member of the famous vocal harmony group, Backstreet Boys, is known for his amazing voice and outstanding performances. He began singing and acting at a very young age and had already performed in twenty seven plays by the age of twelve. He formed a band with a group of other young and brilliant artists. ‘Backstreet Boys’, as they named it, came up with some of the highly popular and unforgettable songs that brought them huge success. Mclean and his band mates became huge stars, especially among the young and began giving stage performances. However, Mclean began to overindulge in alcohol and drugs, which started to hamper his tours with the Backstreet Boys. He had to go to rehab, and after his personal efforts and the efforts of his wife, he successfully fought alcoholism and drug abuse. He tried his hands outside of the band as well, with certain solo endeavors, and experienced mediocre success. He also collaborated with other artists in an attempt to establish himself as a solo artist. Besides working with Backstreet Boys, he continues to strive to establish himself as a solo artist and recently announced his plans to work on his second album.


January 9, 1978
AJ McLean was born in West Palm Beach.


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