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Samurai token is a cryptocurrency on top of the Ethereum block.

What is Samurai token?

Samurai token is a cryptocurrency on top of the Ethereum blockchain which was inspired by 1st meme coin "dogecoin". Its purpose is to provide a utility token like most blockchain and platform with a scarce token supply of 30k.

What is the idea of samurai tokens?

Samurai tokens will be the 2nd viral coin next to dogecoin. Most of the samurai fans will love the concept of this new sensational token.

What will be its value in the future?

No one knows but given its limited supply, it could be expensive.

Who is the creator of the samurai token?

Its best interest for the team and developers to stay anonymous. Same as Bitcoin creator Satoshi.

What is the goal of the Samurai token?

To beat dogecoin as number 1 meme coin and be useful as a peer to peer platform.

What are the features of samurai tokens?

Aside from being a meme coin, we will introduce staking, and DAO governance in the future.


February 3, 2022
GitHub - KarateChap/Samurai-SAM-Solidity
February 3, 2022
September 5, 2020
Samurai Tokens (@SamuraiTokens) | Twitter

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