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Advanced Search is an AI-based private jet booking platform.

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Artificial Intelligence company is an AI-based private jet booking platform.

Article is an artificial intelligence-based company founded by Michael Leek, Stephen F. Smith and Javier Minsky. flyRuby allows users to book private jets and look for flight availabilities using an artificial intelligence-based search function.


Operating similar to commercial airline booking sites, flyRuby’s artificial intelligence scans thousands of flight routes and seating charts for private flights, finds available seating, and streamlines the booking process.

How it Works
  1. Search Private Jets - Once the requested private jet trip itinerary is in flyRuby's FLYNOW scheduler, users can enter their personalized trip details.
  2. Select Flights - Users can pick their own flights according to their requirements and preferences.
  3. Charter Jet - Once the user has picked their flight, a secure payment procedure follows.

flyRuby's trip management system allows users to have access to every facet of their trip, including updates on ground transportation, 24/7 customer support, catering services, as well as flight crew and operator information.

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