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Yakovlev Artem

Russian actor

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Yakovlev Artem

Russian actor


Born on April 6, 1991 in Leningrad. In 2013 he graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Arts (course of I.R. Stockbant).


A theatre is "Comic": "La - amore Serbia" is Milograd

"Eliza" is Freddy Yensfird-Hill "Island of treasures"

is Jim "Flowers silvery" is Ludvig "Blus" - Blez Dambriye

"Kazanova in Russia", Stokbant is horse-guardsman Zinoviev (Stokbant)


"Demon in a rib", on reasons of Fonvizin "Brigadier" is Ivan(Manveev) Theatre of "LDM" : Musical "Master and Margaret" are Cat Hippopotamus(authors of libretto Irene Afanasieva, Maria Oshmanskaya, Sergey Shilovskii -Bulgakov)

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 Yakovlev Artem

Russian actor

Is a
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