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A marketplace and escrow that allows users to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

A cross-chain ecosystem that operates on the edge of the physical world, metaverse and AR. Each of Uniqly NFT can be redeemed for the real-world item, metaverse wearable for a users avatar, and digital object in AR.

Uniqly is a platform offering a wide set of products and services operating on the edge of the digital NFT space and the physical world. The key functionality is to create NFTs that are backed by real-world assets, and by that, to cooperate with brands, projects, artists and influencers to offer them a smooth way to participate in this innovative movement and create their own NFT collections backed by physical products.

Through our complex ecosystem of features and services, Uniqly provides a smooth and easy way to launch NFT collections backed by real-world assets. Core services that provide that functionality are Stores & Drops, Marketplace, Escrow, Redeem Module, and Generator. More info about Uniqly services can be found here.

UNIQ is the utility token of the platform. Its primary purpose is to serve as a payment method for products and services within the Uniqly ecosystem. Additionally, shopping with UNIQ on Stores & Drops has an additional 10% discount in comparison to any other ERC-20 token that was introduced to the platform. More information about how to buy, distribution methods and others can be found here.


February 12, 2022
February 12, 2022
February 3, 2022 - Phygital NFTs on Twitter


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December 31, 2021


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