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Oritech Biofuels

Oritech Biofuels

Oritech Biofuels is a Kitwe-based biodiesel production company founded by Edwin Yatuta Mbewe.

Oritech Biofuel is a company that designs a small-scale automated biodiesel production plant that uses triglyceride-containing restaurant waste oil and soya beans oil as its feed source. The company's proposed plant will use waste vegetable oil collected from local restaurants within Zambia and convert it to biodiesel.


The biodiesel that Oritech Biofuels produces is compatible with current diesel engines. The demand for alternative energy sources is increasing as the demand for energy increases and the global supply of fossil fuels decreases. Furthermore, restaurant grease is a waste product with no further applications, which makes it an ideal feedstock for biodiesel production.

Potential for the company's business is high due to the other fact that there is availability of feedstock such as soya beans, fertile land for growing soya beans, and less market competition. Total cost of the project estimated to be $800,000, with a percent return rate of 15% and an annual estimated net profit of $200,000. Plant life span estimates to be over 20 years.



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