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Light Chain Bioscience

Light Chain Bioscience

Light Chain Bio-science is a company that has developed an information technology software

Light Chain Bioscience is a company that has developed an information technology software. The company is an FDA approved company as of 2018, and is able to develop monoclonal antibody technology.

Light Chain Bioscience looks to participate in research and development of multi-specific antibodies that rely on light chains to function. The company has created an approach to generate bi-specific antibodies that fully retain the sequence and architecture of human antibodies. They look provide therapeutic applications and administrations.

The company also looks to work against cancer cells CD47. Light Chain Bioscience believes that when cancer cells are selectively blockaded, eventually the body, with monoclonal antibodies, with restore the killing of cancer cells. CD47 is expressed in every cell in the human body, so the company has looked to develop a bi-specific antibody approach to selectively block CD47 on cancer cells in order to leave normal cells unharmed.

The future of the company is aimed towards emerging infectious diseases that require novel approaches to create bi-specific antibody mixtures.


Due to the pandemic outbreak of the novel COVID-19, coronavirus, treatments and viable pharmaceuticals and drugs to combat the disease have undergone development. Light Chain Bioscience has partnered with Edesa Biotech to develop biologic drug candidates for all therapeutics, prophylactic, and diagnostic applications. The company looks to utilize their monoclonal antibody license to target and block signaling proteins known as TLR4 and CXCL10 which are associated with a broad range of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.



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