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Ion Engineering

Ion Engineering

Ion Engineering is a technology company focused on the commercialization of solvent and process technology for the removal of carbon dioxide from large sources, including power plants.

Despite the current public focus on alternative energy sources, coal and natural gas remain the world's largest sources of electrical power. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by these sources in the atmosphere reduces the effects of climate change.ION Clean Energy develops the world's most advanced carbon capture system to capture over 90% of carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial facilities.


ION Engineering offers a host of services and technologies to help businesses determine the best possible path to reduce emissions. ION provides a thorough analysis of existing or proposed facility to determine precisely how its technology and services help achieve one's carbon capture goals. The company performs costing studies, technical-economic analyses, and facilities evaluations for potential customers to gauge all of the necessary steps for effective carbon dioxide capture.

ION is a developer of carbon dioxide capture technology designed for greenhouse gas mitigation. The company's technology uses an advanced liquid absorbent system to capture carbon dioxide, providing industries with efficient commercial options, while significantly reducing capital and operating costs.

Carbon capture technology

Carbon capture and storage, more commonly known as CCS, is a suite of technologies that captures over 90% of the carbon dioxide from fossil fuel-based power plants and industrial sources before reaching the atmosphere, thereby mitigating the devastating effects of global warming. CCS technologies have been recognized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – the leading international scientific body for the assessment of climate change – as essential components in climate mitigation technologies necessary to avoid the effects of climate change.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) states that CCS is the “only technology able to deliver significant emissions reductions from the use of fossil fuels.” Given the world’s current reliance on fossil fuels (81% in 2014), the ability of CCS to achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions—especially carbon dioxide (CO2)—from power generation and other industrial sources makes it among the most essential strategies available in fighting climate change.


From 2008, ION’s founders improves the technology available for the removal of carbon dioxide being emitted from industrial sources like power plants and refineries. As carbon capture garners worldwide attention from governments, NGOs, and industry, ION progressively develops, with the help of a succession of grants from the Department of Energy and other organizations. The company successfully demonstrates its carbon capture liquid absorption system at various scales, including a recent testing campaign at the largest capture facility in the world, Technology Centre Mongstad, (TCM) in Norway. ION ideally positions to lead the capture industry into widespread commercialization.


Ion Engineering was founded by Chip Corboy.



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