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Hydrocell is a Finland-based company developing fuel cells for the direct air capture of carbon dioxide.

Hydrocell Ltd. is an innovative company that develops, manufactures, and sells brush heat exchangers and heat recovery systems, industrial CO2 filters, fuel cells, and fuel cell technology. Hydrocell's core business is currently focused on innovative brush heat exchanger applications. The company's heat recovery solution enables energy recovery in sites where waste heat could not be utilized before. Hydrocell aims to be the leading supplier of heat exchangers in the Nordic countries with its innovative products and continuous research collaboration with universities and the business world. Its office is in Järvenpää. Hydrocell is also in a long-term cooperation with Aalto University.

Carbon dioxide filters, air purifiers, and DAC equipment

In the past, it has not been possible to remove carbon dioxide from indoor air, the only way to control the carbon dioxide level has been to increase ventilation. UniqFresh air purifiers are also able to remove too high concentrations of carbon dioxide, which means that the cleaned indoor air is even better than the replacement air taken from the outside. With the Uniqfresh air purifier, indoor air quality improves easily and quickly.

Fuel cell

The fuel cell produces electricity from the fuel using oxygen in the air as an oxidant. Electricity generates in the cell as a result of oxidation/reduction reactions in the cell. In addition to electricity, heat also generates. When hydrogen is used, water forms as a reaction product, and carbon dioxide also produces in methanol cells.


Hydrocell was founded by Tomi Anttila.


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